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Making Windows Sane to use

Whether you have to use Windows for work, or are still running Windows for games, if you have any form of income and work in IT you probably have to use Windows. Windows is generally known as a Bad Thing, but it's often not an individual's choice. As such, I present to you, a guide to making Windows Sane

An advertising company for the advertising age

I got bored a while ago, and came up with an idea to capitalize on people's brand-centricness.

Blog updates

So I rewrote the backend for the whole site, including this blog page.

Adventures in btrfs

btrfs is quite possibly the greatest filesystem ever. Okay, I can't really say that because I haven't tried zfs yet (one day...), but it has some really cool features.

Balance, and "if it works for you"

This is probably going to be a rant, so you may want to continue scrolling.